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Stuck In A Waiting Room

      A friend recently forwarded an email to me that talked about being in a waiting room in our lives.  It was very interesting to me and of course, as always, it made me stop and think about how that related to my life and to the life of others.
     When I am working with clients, I often see how they have gotten stuck in their story of life.  And that translates to  them being in a waiting room.  We spend time in our waiting rooms waiting for so many things in life.  We are waiting for the right job, waiting for the right relationships, waiting to retire, waiting for this and waiting for that.  And so we are stuck in a waiting room rather than moving forward with what is happening in our lives right now.
     As they are stuck in the waiting room, they are also stuck in the story they have created for themselves.  I see many people in relationships that are unhappy, where they feel they can't leave for financial reasons, or because of the kids or any number of reasons and I can see how unhappy they are as a result of it.  We've all been in that place at one time or another in our lives, not realizing that it is a choice that we have made to be there.
     Part of what I do with clients is to point out to them what their choices are.  I am not a quick fix for everything that ails them.  I'm here to help them get in touch with the root of the issue and then have them see what options they have so they can make a choice.  It basically boils down to two choices.  They can choose to continue to be miserable or they can choose to do what it takes to make themselves happy.  It seems obvious, but often times people don't see that they have other choices, because they are running on unconscious patterns from the past.  And I can help them to see what those are.
     So, I invite you to stop and see what waiting rooms you are stuck in and what it would take for you to open the door and walk into your life...............

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