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It's How We Perceive It

     When I attended the Matrix Energetics workshop last month, I was struck by something that came up.  It was about working on other people and they said that you can only work on you in relation to someone else.  It got me to thinking about how we see other people.
     The reality is, that we can only know someone else based on our perception of them, and that perception is based on who we are, and who we are is a culmination of what we have been told or taught that we are. It is our journey in life to try to find our authentic self amidst all of this.
     So often when I am working with people, and they tell me that they are this way or that way, I ask them, "How do you know that?  Where did you learn that is how you are."   It is most often from a parent, or teacher or a peer.  It is very rare that someone can say they know they are selfish or smart or pretty, because they know it at their core.  They know it, because they met some criteria for those things that were based on who knows what.
     We will never really know another person except on a universal consciousness level, because we can only perceive them from our own set of rules.  I can think someone is very pleasant, but others may not think so.  Why?  Because they have fallen into the criteria that I have set for someone who is nice.  And where did I learn what "nice" is?  When someone judges you, it is only from their perception and based on what they've  learned.  So why care what people think?  What is important is what you think of yourself, based on knowing who you are from your own perspective.
     I invite you to think about the things you know about yourself and determine if they resonate with your core, or if they are memes that were told to you by others.  And decide what you want to keep and what you want to discard.  You may be surprised by what shows up.........................

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