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Being In The Moment

     I've been reading a book about staying in the now moment and realize how hard it is for people to do this.  We get so caught up in living in the past or living in the future that we forget to just breathe in and be in the present moment.
     Many of the things that people suffer from come from them living somewhere other than in this moment.  Anxiety is one of those things.  When I explain to my clients that anxiety is something future oriented they often look perplexed.  It is worrying about something that is going to happen in the future, not about something that is going on right now.  
     The egoic mind lives in the past and the future but is unable to function in the present moment.  It will chatter to us about what HAS happened or about what is GOING to happen, but it has nothing to say about what is happening right in this moment.  We give it so much power to dictate to us from what has already happened or what we think is going to happen that we miss what  really is happening.
     Our point of power is in the present.  What we do each moment determines what our past will be and what will happen in the future.  And yet we pay very little attention to the present because we are worried about the future or continually reliving our past.  What a burden.
     I invite you to really try to stay focused in the present.  It is not easy and as you attempt it, you will learn how much you are living in the past or trying to be in the future.  Stop often and just be present to what is happening at that moment.  Pay attention to your breathing, to what is in your immediate surroundings, what are you hearing, smelling seeing?  Enjoy that perfect moment in time and train yourself to continually be aware of right now and see how things will start to shift for you.  There is a reason for the old cliche, "There's no time like the present".  So enjoy it.........

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