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The Truth

     I believe that there are universal truths, and then there are our truths.  Our truths vary depending on who we are, how we were raised and by the experiences that we have in life.  What is true to me, is not necessarily true for others.  And yet so many people assume that they are.
     Recently, while listening to an online course, the instructor talked about how it is easier to lie than to tell the truth.  It was interesting to me.  She pointed out that when we lie, we know the outcome, but when we tell the truth, we don't.  For instance, if a friend who is having an issue with someone and I think they are being unreasonable about it, and they ask my opinion, I have two options.  One, I can lie, because I know if I go along with them and say they are right, that our friendship will continue in tack and life will go on.  So I know the outcome of telling a lie.  But if I tell the truth and say that I think they are being unfair or unreasonable, I don't know what their reaction is going to be.  They might decide I'm unsupportive and get angry with me, or not want to be my friend any more or any number of reactions that I am not prepared for.  And so people choose to lie in order to "keep the peace".
     But how does that lie affect you?  Are you at peace listening and not saying anything just to preserve the peace?  Is this really a friend if you cannot express your view and if it isn't to their liking they cast you aside? Can you remember that it is only your opinion?  Can they understand that it is only your opinion?
     With social media being what it is these days, I see a lot of "opinions" posted and some angry retorts to those and some atta boys as reactions.  If you can step into that neutral place and realize that they are just stating their truth, their opinion, you can learn something from it rather than to let it anger you.  People want to be heard and the media is the place for them to do that.  It isn't up to us to judge that person for them stating their truth, it is perhaps better to allow them to state it and to try to see where they are coming from.  After all, would you rather have them tell you a lie to appease you or tell you their truth?  At least with the truth, you know where they stand.
     I invite you to try telling people the truth this week, even if it is hard to do.  See what happens.  See who appreciates you telling the truth and who would rather you lie to them to make them feel better.  The more you tell the truth, the more comfortable you get with it and with yourself...............

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