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     I heard a great statement on a tv show I was watching the other day that made me stop and think.  The statement was..."We can't choose how we are going to die, but we can choose how we are going to live."  What a profound statement.  Life is all about choices and we are in control of the choices that we make.  People seem to forget this fact.  Even not making a choice is still making the choice not to choose.
     If you stop and look at your life, where you are now is a result of the choices that you've made.  Many times people say they had no choice, or they don't recognize that they have made unhealthy or poor choices that have led them to where they are now. It is important to recognize that we are the ones responsible for our circumstances.  It's called holding ourselves accountable. 
      It doesn't mean we need to feel guilty or feel shame for those choices.  We make the best choices that we can given the skills we have at the time.  As children we make poor choices because we don't have experience to draw on that shows us that.  As adults, we still make bad choices because we don't always have the skill set to make different choices.  We know what we've been taught growing up.  We cope with problems the way we've seen others in our household cope with them.
     That's one of the things that I love about the work that I do.  It is about giving people tools that can help them to make different choices, ones that will be more positive and get them moving in the direction that they want to be going.  It allows them to see the old patterns of choice and to give them new choices that will feel better for them.
     I invite you to take a look at where you are in your life and to think about the choices that you have made that have gotten you there.  Then think about where you want to be and what choices can you make that will get you there.  Remember that you can choose how you want to live your life...................

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