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     What is it that you're attached to?  We run so much on an unconscious level and so often don't question what it is that we are running.  We become attached to our opinions, our ideals, morals and values, and never stop to ask where we learned these.
     Often times, they are simply drilled into us from an early age.  We are told what is right and wrong and we don't ever question it.  We are told which people are ok and which are not.  And we go along with it without ever questioning why we don't like certain people.  We have been brainwashed by the people that had an influence on us growing up.  We didn't have the intellect at the time that allowed us to question what we were being taught.  So we accepted what we were told and still accept it today, even though we now, hopefully, do have the knowledge to make different choices.
     When working with clients, I like to have them explore where they got their value systems and ask themselves if they really believe it, or is it just something that they have always believed because someone they thought knew better told it to them.
     Being able to stop and think about the ideas and opinions that we are attached to is very eye opening.  In doing a healing dialogue with a client recently, they were intrigued by what they learned of an emotion that was causing physical discomfort.  It was an emotion that they had accepted as being true, but when looking at it as it was associated with the body, they found out that it was something that no longer served them, it was just an accepted thing since childhood.
     I invite you to think about where your opinions have come from.  Did you learn them from your parents, the newspaper, peers, friends?  Ask yourself if you really believe it right now or if it is something that you have carried over without thinking.  Let go of anything that is no longer useful to you.  It makes your trip through life a bit easier if you aren't carrying a full set of baggage with you............

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