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What Goes Around Comes Around

     We all know that phrase, "What goes around, comes around".  Yet, most people tend to think that it deals with bad karma, things that others have done that are bad will come back around.  That it is a get even sort of thing.
     I have been witness to things doing just that.  Coming back around to me and coming back around to others.  It is not just the bad that comes back, but also the good that returns.  I don't think when the "bad" comes back around that it is meant to be destructive or a point of getting even.  I think that what it is really meant for is for us to be able to see how our actions affect others.  And the only way that we can see that, is for us to be on the other end of it.
     I think that the universe is a loving one built on cause and effect in this reality.  We never really know how many people we effect with our actions, big or small.  When we've done something harmful or mean to someone else, we don't always see the effect of that.  We are too busy feeling satisfied that we "gave them what was coming to them".  We justify our actions that way, by telling ourselves that they deserved the unkind thing we've said or done, because they did something unkind to us.  So, what we have done to others comes back to us from someone else in order for us to be on the other end of what we have put out.  At that time, it is an opportunity for us to learn something from it.  Whether we choose to or not, is up to us.  And often times, we don't see it for what it is.  Instead, we see it as something that was "done to us" rather than seeing that our actions have come home to roost, that it is a wonderful chance to see how it feels and make changes.
     I often work with people to help them reframe what plays over and over in their heads.  It can be the ex wife/husband or the ex girlfriend/boyfriend or the boss and the person feels that they've been wronged and wants to get even for the perceived wrong that has been done to them. It takes a lot of energy to keep that dislike alive.
     Our kind acts will also come back to us so that we can see how it feels when we are being true to our loving self.  Often times it comes back to us from a stranger, and not someone that we know.  It allows us to widen our view of the world and see how we are all connected.
     I invite you to spend the next week or so seeing what comes your way.  Ask yourself if it feels familiar, is it similar to something that you have put out and look to see what the lesson is. Don't be hard on yourself if you see something of your own coming back.  Accept it, and make the effort to change what is not agreeable...........

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