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Know your Energy

     Something that I was listening to recently had the quote "You are responsible for the energy you bring into a room."  I think that is something that we tend not to pay attention to.  We think about what we are feeling from everyone else and don't stop to think about what we are putting out in return.  
     Often times we are in reactive mode, reacting to what is going on around us rather than being in creative mode where we create a space that allows for the possibility for what we want to happen.  If we bring our bad mood into a room, that energy will be felt by others.  They may not be totally conscious of it at the time, but they will be aware of it on a sub conscious level.  We've all been in that space where we are in a room and it feels "off" to us.  I have also been in that space where everything feels settled and calm when I am with like minded people. And it is a wonderful feeling.
     When I am doing  Matrix Energetics, it is about creating possibilities for things to be different.  I love the work, because I can see people visibly shifting, relaxing and allowing for change to happen.  When their attitude shifts, everything around them also shifts because they are now more open to allowing for more in their life.
     If we take responsibility for ourselves, for our choices and our energy, imagine how things would shift.  If we change, things look differently to us and so our reality changes.  If I commit to only bringing joyous energy into a room with me, imagine how I can influence the atmosphere of the room. It is like the pebble dropped into water, the ripple effect.  Imagine if everyone stopped and thought about what they were brining into a room, and brought only positiveness into it.
     I invite you to be responsible for the energy you bring into a room.  Check it each day before you enter your workplace, your home, a shopping mall, anywhere that you go.  What are you bringing into that space?  Practice bringing love, joy, peace, calmness into the place with you and see how it affects others and how it affects your attitude as well.  You may be a bit surprised by how things shift for you.  Others may find you more appealing to be around when you are bringing a great attitude wherever you are.  You may find yourself being more joyous, being more loving and enjoying life more. What do you have to lose by trying it?............

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