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Being Present

     In June, I wrote about staying in the present moment and recently I read something that talked about how our bodies are in the present, but our mind is either in the future or in the past and I thought how interesting that is to think about.  
     It is difficult for us to really stay focused and in the moment and yet our body does it because there is no other place for it to be.  And that brings to mind the disconnect between our body and our mind as well as the disconnect between body and soul.  We live in such a disconnected world it would seem.  We disconnect from our body, from others, from mother nature, from our feelings.  What do we connect to?
    It is difficult for us to focus on what it going on right at this moment.  Meditation is designed to keep us in the here and now and yet we have to practice to find that place where we can quiet our mind and just breathe in and "be".
     I see the disconnect often in my work.  People disconnect from the awareness of the habit they are trying to change.  They don't want to see it for what it is, or they are wanting to find some reason that it is there other than the fact that they have chosen it.  So their mind wanders away to the past for justification or the future for an escape.  Both places have their value, but the present is where our power is.
     When we become aware of the now moment and stay in our bodies to perceive it, then we don't operate on the past or what we think the future will bring. We are able to make a choice based on this exact time and space and what will be the best for us.  We have past experience to draw on, but we are not the same people we were when we made those decisions in the past, so it may be a good time to look at the present and see who you are now and how that will affect your life right now.
     I invite you to spend the next few days just observing and being in the moment.  See what is in front of you each moment and be a part of that moment.  Allow your mind to stay in the present moment with your body rather than to wander off.  Of course you will need to think about the future, what needs to be done, but once you've made the decisions for what needs to be done that day, then stay present with the task at hand and notice what is happening in the moment.  Keep bringing your mind back to this moment and what is going on right now.  You may be surprised by all the things that you miss because your mind is elsewhere.  Enjoy what is here right now.................

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