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The Power of Your Words

     I remember reading a book by Florence Schovel Shinn called "Words are Your Wand".  It really made me think and lately I've come to be reminded of that book.
     Our words are all we have to communicate with one another and so often they are not adequate to really express what we feel, but they are the best that we can do.  They have so much power and people are so often unaware of that fact.  They can be used as a weapon, they can be used to inspire, to incite, to show love, to show hate, to show compassion, to show indifference.  We throw them out there to wound or to heal others.  We use them to give insight, to explain something, to teach something, to empower or to disempower.   How often do we stop to think of the effect they will have before we spew them out?
     I have seen the power of the word when I am working with people.  I see the meaning they place on words that have been spoken to them from the time they are children that still run their lives as adults.  I have seen how reframing the meaning of those words can have a changing effect on them.  So much can be said to change how people relate to the world around them.  To allow them to relate in a more positive way.  Without words, how could that be accomplished?
     I invite you to spend the next few days being mindful of every word that comes out of your mouth and ask yourself:  is it useful?  is it necessary?  is it helpful or harmful?  is is idle gossip?  are you being impeccable with your words?  do they empower others or do they disempower them?  do they inspire or do they demotivate others?  would you want someone to say to you the words you say to them?  what tone of voice do you use with them?  are they loving or unloving?  are they harmful or helpful?  do they really need to be said?
     Become intimately acquainted with the words that you wield.  They can make you and they can break you and they are all that you have to express yourself with.  Make them count, make them express the authentic you.............................

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