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     Choices.  We all have them and we all make them.  I have heard people say, "I didn't have any choice" or "What choice did I have?" and know that indeed they did have a choice.  The choice may not have been one that allowed for the most positive outcome, but it allowed for the most positive outcome in the situation at hand.
     Life is a series of events, and we can choose those we wish to participate in and those we do not wish to take part in.  And once we have made those choices, we can choose how we wish to participate within that event.  One thing we always have is choice.
     If you have a difficult choice to make, you can choose how you want to be once you've made that choice.  Do you stay in your integrity?  Do you step out of it?  Do you use kindness or anger?  When someone upsets you, it is your choice if you react with anger or patience or kindness.  
     Much of how we react is automatic.  It's a programmed response that we have to what triggers us.  Yet, there is always the choice to change that response.  I work with people all the time to help them to unravel a pattern and create a new, more resourceful way of dealing with those things that present a challenge to them in life.  We learn to react a certain way, and we can unlearn that.  It's a matter of choice.
     The brain is programmed to make the best choice possible given the circumstances at the time.  Many times we beat ourselves up over our choices.  When we have grown as an individual, we can look back and see where we could have made a better choice, but remember that you did not have the same wisdom when you made the choice.  You made the best choice you could given who you were at that time.  And the choice led you to a lesson that makes you who you are today.
     Life is nothing but choice if you really stop to think about it.  We choose if we want to hit the snooze alarm or not, what are we going to eat for breakfast, are we going to go to work or stay home, which lane are we going to drive in on the way to work, do we want to go to the grocery store after work or not?  Everything is a choice.  I invite you to spend a day of examining all the choices that are presented to you during that day.  And then see which ones you choose to participate in and how you choose to participate within that choice.  Even choosing breakfast, do you eat something healthy or not?  When you drive to work, do you let people go in front of you as a courtesy?  At work, do you greet your co workers?  So many choices that we make without even thinking about them and how they can impact our life.  So take a look at the ones that you are making as they will give you a great deal of insight into who you are..................

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