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     Kindness.  We all appreciate it when someone shows us kindness and we all feel good when we are kind to others.  So why is it that we are not kind all the time? 
     I have made it my mission to work at showing kindness to others in whatever way I can.  That kindness can be in not judging them, it can be in finding the kindest way to say something that they aren't going to want to hear, it can be in just offering them an ear to listen to what is going on or a smile to let them know that I care.  It is not a difficult thing to do and becomes part of my nature the more I practice it.
     I have found that there is never a time where kindness is not called for.  Even if I don't always feel kindly towards someone, I know that it is just an opportunity for me to examine what I am feeling and why.  If someone cuts me off on the freeway, I don't need to curse at them or make hand gestures at them.  It just is what it is.  It simply means that they are in a rush to get somewhere and I am in their way.  It isn't directed at me personally, so why get upset.  There is no need to be unkind in my thoughts towards them.
     If someone is being mean to me or others, being mean back to them does not accomplish anything other than to lower me to that vibrational level.  I try to be kind in my dealings with that person and if that doesn't work, I simply opt to walk away from it.  Being mean doesn't make me feel good and doesn't improve the situation.
     What does it cost us to be kind?  Some think that it is a sign of weakness, but it is the opposite.  It is a sign of strength that we can be true to our nature and be kind.  I invite you the next time you are irritated or angry to stop, take a deep breath and think of what the kindest thing you could do in that situation is, and then do it.  My guess is that you will feel better and the other person or people will as well.

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