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     I was listening to an online course not long ago and one of the things that was said had to do with everything coming down to attachment.  The question to ask yourself is "Do I want to attach myself to that?"  What a great question.
     It is about attaching ourselves to a set of beliefs, or to suffering, to the way that someone else thinks, to fear, to judgment.  What a simple question to ask ourselves when something comes up.  When someone gets angry, do I want to attach myself to their anger?  When the boss is being a jerk, do I want to attach myself to their attitude?
     So many times we do just that.  We attach ourselves to it without thinking about it.  What if you were to stop and think about it beforehand?  Would you make a different choice?
     When I am working with people, I often see how they have attached themselves to different outcomes.  They get something from the behavior that they wish to correct, and so they continue the behavior.  We often don't think of what the gain is, we just attach ourselves to that suffering.  
     If we ask ourselves if we want to be attached to it, at least we are more aware of what we are doing.  If the answer is no, you don't want to be attached to it, then you can make a different choice and move forward with new awareness. 
     I invite you to think of all the things that you are attached to and stop and ask yourself "Do I want to attach myself to that?"  And each time something comes up that makes you want to judge someone else, ask if you want to attach yourself to your judgment.  Do you want to attach yourself to the way you think?  It is a powerful question to ask and you can gain a lot of insight into your thoughts and beliefs...............

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