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Taking Measurement

     The other day I posted a quote about taking measurement and it made me stop and think about the importance of that.  The quote was from George Bernard Shaw and read "The only man who behaved sensibly was my tailor; he took my measurement anew every time he saw me, while all the rest went on with their old measurements and expected them to fit me."
     How often do we experience an a ha moment?  When we do, we transform ourselves because our beliefs change.  We now have a different perspective on life and we are changed and no longer the person we were before we made that discovery.  And yet to those around us, we are looked at as being the same person they have always known.  We grow and change and yet others keep us in the box of their making.  Many relationships end because we grow and change and those in the relationship with us either haven't seen it or can't except it.  And so the relationship ends, because they don't take measure of the changes that we have gone through.  Often times they don't take measure of the changes that they have gone through either.
     What would it be like to always take someone's measure each time you meet them?  Who are they today that they weren't yesterday?  Even our cells renew on a daily basis.  What we eat today becomes a part of who we are, the air that we breath changes us.  We are in constant flux and yet we are always being perceived in a certain way by others.  As they change, they will see us through a new filter.  Why not see the changes that we make?  Notice that we are ever changing as they are.
     I invite you to try this.  Each day, look at the people that you know and encounter and take measure of them.  Who are they today?  What is different about them that you didn't see before?  We notice that people change their hair style or their clothes,  or they've gained or lost weight, or anything that is external.  Why not pay attention to the important things, the things that are changing internally?  You may be surprised to notice how amazing others really are when you are looking for it and they may feel more connected to you when they see that you pay attention to the shifts that they go through...........

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