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Disconnect between body and soul

   In my development circle we asked a question of spirit about why we choose this particular body.  I got some very interesting information from spirit and it made me really stop and think about the body, the mind, the spirit.
   The body is such an amazing thing.  We don't understand it, we only know so much about how it functions and the intricacies of it are something that we can't even begin to duplicate.  I marvel at how everything that I am comes from one cell that splits into two and keeps going from there.  That my fingernail cells know where to be and what to look like, that my heart cells end up in the right place, the liver, the brain, the blood, bones, muscles.  It's the most amazing thing, and yet we fail to acknowledge that.
   We abuse our bodies on so many levels and expect it to just keep on going.  When asking the question of spirit, I was told that it wasn't of great importance what body we choose, it is more to learn to love, honor and respect the flesh.  It is to learn to appreciate the creation of the divine as flesh and to be one with each cell of the body to teach us to be one with all of life and to respect others as we would respect ourselves.
   Many don't respect themselves and perhaps this is the reason we don't respect others as well.  Spirit said that as we disconnect from our internal world we see the body as an enemy and abuse it as we abuse others.  They said that it is a precious gift from the creator and yet we are so careless of it.
   And I could feel the truth of that statement.  If we were more connected to our bodies, we would be mindful of them and treat them with the awe and curiosity that they deserve.  As we connect and feel our essence on a human level, we can move towards making healthy choices and to embrace our bodies for the amazing things that they really are.  We treat our material possessions better than we treat ourselves.  We think that we can eat what we want and that the body is "expected" to be disease free.  We think we can operate under stress continually and think that the flood of chemicals that are released under those conditions are not going to affect the body at some point in the future.  Perhaps we need to rethink what we think.
   I invite you to take a moment....take a deep breath in, feel the air as it goes into your lungs, and as it comes back out of the lungs and think about what happens to the oxygen that comes into your lungs, how it keeps your whole body functioning.  How each breathe brings life with it and how much we just take that for granted.  Keep breathing in and out until you can feel the connection of your body to your spirit.  The mind has so much clutter in it, why connect to it?  Just allow yourself to feel the grace of understanding.  Understanding your relationship to your body and learning to embrace it, love it, honor and care for it..........

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Brian on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 7:09 AM
Hello Stacy, thank you for writing this. A brief story - for some odd and unknown confluence of causes/impulsions, I recently found myself diligently paying close attention to my body, watching what I was eating, carefully stretching, exercising a bit, etc for several consecutive days (I had a 3 day weekend off from work) in an uncharacteristically mindful way. On the 4th day, I returned to work. Now, I struggle quite a bit in my job, it is an often unhappy place for many around me, and I am by no means immune from this generalized, non-specific malaise myself. But on this day, I found myself strangely transformed. I calmly accepted the behaviors and actions of everyone and dealt with them constructively. I was strangely at peace. In every problematic encounter, I had an uncanny sense that the proper thing to say was somehow, being given to me. In short, I was not at all my usual self :) Although this mysterious mojo has faded in subsequent days, it made me wonder. I found your writing via a web search on something like "body soul disconnection", and just wanted to let you know that, for this particular person that is me, in this particular time and place, your thoughts seemed to be be most appropriate and true. So anyway, I hope you are well and many thanks!
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