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The Power of Trusting

   We all have a higher power.  We call it by different names, Source, Creator, Divine, God, Buddha, Allah or any of a myriad of other names.  Daily, most of us go about our business pretty much unaware of that higher power....until we need it.
   Those that meditate, or journal, or commune with spirit on a regular basis are more in touch with that higher power for the most part.  The rest will become aware as an "on needed" basis.
   We all get information from a higher source, it can be intuition, or a gut instinct, it doesn't matter what we call it or how we get it.  I'm always so surprised by how we tune it out and then later say "I knew it, I should have listened to myself".  You would think that in time we would figure out that that early warning system is there for a reason and that we would pay more attention to it.  And yet we don't.  Why?
   Why is it so hard to trust something other than the ego?  How often does the ego get it right? Yep, not that often.  When we ask the divine for guidance and then we get it, why do we doubt it or ignore it?  I've come to think how funny this is.  We trust there is a higher power, and so we go to that higher power to ask for guidance.  Then we hear that guidance and say "Yeh, I don't really believe that".  If we are going to argue with it, why do we ask that higher power in the first place?  I have to think that somewhere there is the higher power shaking its head and laughing.
   Trust.  Why is it so difficult to trust this higher power?  When has it been wrong?  It only seems to turn out wrong when we don't listen to it and yet we continue to ignore it.  What if we were to simply still that voice in our head that doesn't trust, listen and act on the advice we get from that higher source?   
   I invite you to try doing that for a week.  When you have a decision to make, quiet yourself, ask your higher power for information about the issue and then just sit in reverence and listen to what comes to you.  Write it down and then act on it.  Even if it's contrary to what you would do normally in the situation, try acting on it and seeing how it turns out.  You may be very pleasantly surprised by that.  Learn to trust that inner knowing that we all came into the world with.  It's there for a reason, why not use it?..........

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Daniel on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:59 AM
Every day of my father's life after he returned to Pearl Harbor on 12/8/41, saw the destruction, and became a serious Christian, he sat for some good period of time, praying, having a conversation with his Lord. I grew up seeing that, seeing my dear father believing, trusting, and witnessing the results, the "fruits of the spirit" as the New Testament calls it: joy, peace, love, kindness, compassion. Not even during a few teenaged arguments that he and I had did he ever allow himself to get angry, and, in retrospect, it is clear to me that his morning time allowed him the grace to weather the momentary madnesses that offer themselves up to each of us. I absorbed a lot of his good nature, some of his christianity, and a good deal of his pleasant, persistent patience in the face of things that can push one off center. Not enough, certainly, but a good deal -- and a lot of that came from his trusting, his morning meditations, as I can see clearly, now, 13 years after he's been gone... :)
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