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Being in Love

   My guides are always giving me a different version of popular sayings and yesterday they gave me a new one.  When I journal and receive information, I'm in an expanded state of mind, so it's always much more powerful at the time that I receive the information, and always seems a little flat when I go back and read it.  I can recall the state when I read it, but passing it on to others is a bit tricky as that it never conveys it quite like I receive it.  But I'll make a stab at it.
   I've been reading a book called Life Force by Claude Swanson which goes into the physics of subtle energy. It discusses a myriad of subjects from remote viewing, teleportation, torsion fields, ley lines, pyramids, and how everything relates to subtle energy.  It's a fascinating book.  People have known about subtle energy since time began, but some how, if it hasn't been proven by scientists, many people choose to ignore it or think it's a bunch of hooey.  So when I run across books that have an explanation of it with science to back it up, it's always a plus for me as that I can explain it to people in more scientific terms.  
   My guides told me that subtle energy is basically love.  New agers are always talking about universal love, and so do my guides.  They point to how subtle love can be and how powerful it can be, the same way that energy can be subtle or powerful.  I've yet to find the scientific equivalent of love and energy, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere. :-)  Since the energy of the universe is "love", then they told me to be "in love".  That's a different twist on the traditional meaning.  It is about being in love, but about being in the love that is always present.  It's the unconditional love of the universe and we are asked to be in it.
    We often say that we "love" someone but are not "in love" with them.  If we are truly  in that space of love, then we are "in love" with everyone, since everyone and everything is in that same space.  We don't have to try to love someone, we can just be in that field of love and learn to consciously resonate with it.
   I invite you to be "in love" with what is in your reality.  Find yourself in that energetic field of love and be one with it.............

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