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Opening your heart

     I was listening to one of my favorite people, Caroline Myss, the other day and she was discoursing on the shadow and grace of the chakras.  She came to the heart chakra and said the shadow side is wrath and the grace is fortitude.  She talked about what the wrathful heart is.  It is that heart that has been disappointed and frozen that disappointment into itself.  It is the heart that has had bitterness, vengence, anger frozen into it because we cannot let go of what has happened to us.  We cannot let go of feeling the victim, and so we carry that in our hearts.
     Now think about when you open your heart to another or they open their heart to you.  And you step into that space.  What is waiting to consume you?  What is waiting in you to consume them?  I have no doubt that we have all been consumed by someone that has one of these things frozen into their heart at one time or another.  It could be a friend, a mate, someone somewhere that unloaded on you for no reason other than to release some of the anger that was brewing in their heart.  And what have you done to the people that you invited into your heart?
     The grace of the heart chakra is fortitude.  It is about having the courage to respond with the highest potential of everything.  It is about being able to humble yourself.  Being a power and a source of transformation.  It is about being able to not say that mean thing that you are wanting to say in order to hurt someone else.  It is about being able to go to someone after you have had a disagreement and saying, "I'm sorry".  About saying a kind word to someone that you know would really value hearing it from you, but you withhold it because it gives you power.  That is where you humble yourself in order to empower another.  It is responding with the highest potential to that situation.
     The heart  is the place that I go to work with people to get over the issues that they come in for because this is where it starts and stays. I invite you to sit with yourself, go into that space of your heart and ask yourself what is there.  What is available to those that you invite into that space?  Is it time to do some house cleaning?  Is it time to respond to the grace rather than the shadow?  When you are in the shadow of any area, you will only see life through that shadow.  So if you have bitterness frozen into the heart, you will not see the sweetness, if you have anger, you will not see the joy.  Decide if you want to see from the shadow or from the grace...................

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