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What are we saying?

   These days, I seem to be in a place where I notice what people are saying in a different way.  For the most part, I tend to keep my thoughts to myself, but sometimes I get an intuitive feeling that says I should say something.  I try to say it in a way that people will understand my meaning, but this is not always possible.  This happened to me the other day.
   I was at a tarot card class that I drop into from time to time, and know the people in it, but not on more than a casual basis.  We were doing a spread that told a story.  We go around and each tells what we think our cards are saying to us and the instructor adds insight into it when she feels it would be useful.
   One of the women was reading her cards and said that she was feeling resentful because she was giving all this unconditional love and getting nothing in return.  I had to smile and that voice said, "sure, go ahead and say something about that statement".  I don't know the woman well, but offered up to her food for thought.  I said "Can I just say something?  Are you really giving unconditional love?  Because unconditional means there are no conditions on it or expectations of if or how it is returned."  I don't think she really grasped what I was saying, nor do I think she was amused by me saying it.  But another woman in the class laughed and saw exactly what I was getting at.  
   How often do we not really hear what we are saying to others?  I think it happens quite often.  The ego will tell us what we want to hear, and we seem only too willing to listen to it.  Why is that?  It can be a deceiver, a liar, a spinner of tails when we do not keep it in check, and yet we are always so willing to listen to it.
   It is an arduous task to monitor the ego.  It takes being congruent, having mind and heart connected in order to be able to hear the lies that we tell to ourselves.  We love to play the roll of the victim.  We are so good at seeing things in others, and completely ignoring it in ourselves.
   When I said that to the woman in my tarot class, I was struck by the humor of the situation.  By how much she really thought that she was giving unconditional love and yet how it had the condition that it needed to be returned to her.  I invite you to listen to what you say to others and see what you are really trying to convey..................

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