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Living for ourselves

     These days, I am amazed by how much of our lives are spent in living up to the expectations of others.  Why is this?  When we are out in public, we worry about what other people will think of us.  Who are these unknown people that we spend so much time worrying what they will think?  They are ordinary people that we don't know, and yet we avoid doing things because we think we will be judged by them.  It's silly when you really stop and think about it.
     For me, life is to be enjoyed, not to be worrying what others will say if I wear the wrong outfit, or laugh too loudly over something amusing when at a restaurant.  People are so quick to judge each other and for what?  What does judging others give us?  Is it a sense of being better than someone else?  And who sets the rules by which we judge others?  Who are the fashion people that tell us what to wear, who are the etiquette people who tell us that we must pick up the napkin and place it on our laps within 3 seconds of sitting down at the table?  And who are we that we listen to it and adhere to it in order to avoid some unknown person that we fear will see us and think less of us?
     Is this really the way life was designed?  I work with people all the time that have developed patterns to deal with the judgments and expectations that have been placed on them in the past.  The patterns of protection develop when we are children, as does the judgment and expectations that are placed on us by parents, peers, and society at large.  We never give them a second thought, because they become so engrained in us.  It is always interesting to me when I am doing regression work with people to hear the memory that starts a pattern.  It is a memory of being judged for something and they had no idea why they were being judged.  It is always surprising for them to go back to such an early time in life and to see how it affected the rest of their life.
     I invite you to take a look at your own life and to see where you let others dictate your behavior because you are afraid that people you don't even know will make a judgment about you.  Next time you are out in a restaurant and people are laughing and noisy, see if you find yourself judging them as opposed to being delighted that they are having a wonderful time and creating memories that they will share down the road.  Ask yourself where you learned to judge others like that.  Enjoy your life and live it the way that you want to as opposed to living it the way you think others expect you to...............

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