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What is in a day????

   Today......What are your plans for the day?  We make plans to do chores, go shopping, meet with friends, and so many other countless things that can be done in a day and we never stop to think about the reality of each day.  Each day that we wake up, we don't take the time to stop and realize.......I will never have this day again.  This day is unique and it is one of who knows how many that I have in this lifetime.  What am I going to do this day?  
   We forget the meaning of reverence.  We don't stop to think, the people that I have encounters with today shape my life, let me find the grace of reverence.  They may make you angry, they may make you feel loved, but this one day and that encounter will only happen once.  Whatever the emotions that arrive with the interactions are, they are an opportunity to learn something.  
   If someone makes me angry, it is an opportunity for me to examine my anger, to go within and to thank that person before me who has given me the chance to learn something about myself, and to sit with it and learn to move beyond that.  It is not easy to find the grace of reverence for that person that has just said something upsetting, but it is worth the effort to try every encounter I have, because it brings me closer to my true self.
   Each day we have an opportunity to learn, to let go of things that are not useful, to make someone's life better with a smile or a kind word.  And yet we don't even give it any thought of what we can make of each day, and that we will never have the opportunity to do that day over, and it is one day less in our life.  And what have we created with the days of our life so far?
   I invite you to wake up each day and truly appreciate the day.  Even if I have to do housework, I am thankful that I have a house to clean, that I am capable of doing it.  It doesn't mean that I enjoy doing the mundane chores, it just means that I am mindful of the bigger picture.  What wonders will I be shone today?  What opportunities for growth will present themselves this day?  How can I be of service to others this day?  How am I shaping my life through this one day?
   Enjoy each day for what it brings, and at the end of the day review what you learned or could have learned, what you could do differently the next time, how you feel about the day.  Time is what we have in life to make our life one that we feel is worth living......................

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