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Being congruent

   I'm listening to a course taught by Carolyn Myss and wow, she really brings up some points to ponder.  Today she talked about the disconnect between our head and our heart, the intellect and the emotions.  
   How often do we say that my mind tells me this but my heart tells me this?  And so we are torn trying to make a decision.  When we are not congruent, then the head and heart are not on the same page.  So we will constantly be plagued by the head says one thing, the heart says another.  So she said that in order for us to make it easier for ourselves, we create a pattern, and that pattern in an addiction, and that addiction comes from what we feel we are entitled to.
   Ask yourself, what you feel you're entitled to.  She brought it right down into people who feel they are entitled to unload on other people when they are having a bad day.  People become addicted to not just substances, but to anger, drama, poor health, victimhood and countless other emotions that they will play out when the head and heart are not in sync.
   She pointed out that the reason that we form the addictions, is so that we can slow down the rate at which we reach the truth.  We don't always want to look at the truth, and so we stave it off by creating a addiction.  That distraction allows us to avoid looking fully at what is going on, at looking at the truth, and so we get stuck in our own story.
   It isn't easy to live your beliefs.  People believe in honesty and yet they will lie when they think the issue is not that important, or that everyone else is doing it so it isn't that bad.  That's being incongruent.  Being congruent says that if you believe in honesty, then you don't lie, no matter the cost. 
    A lie will erode your integrity, and when you lie, you split the reality that you are in.  Because you are in the reality where you know what you said is a lie, and the other person is in the reality where they believe the lie.  So you are in two different realities.
   Being congruent takes practice.  It means that you live your beliefs no matter what.  That is when your head and heart are at peace with each other and they don't need to be distracted and you can drop the addictions, as they are no longer useful.
   Take a look at your life and see what your addictions are and what sense of entitlement created them.  Find the courage to understand what truth you are hiding from.  Find the courage to become congruent, to live your beliefs, and your life will be amazing.............

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