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Ringing in the new year

   There is so much going on about ringing in the new year and we all get caught up in setting goals, making resolutions, deciding that next year will be different than this year, making merry and all the things that go along with new year's eve.
   Every year, I wonder why people only review these things at the end of the year.  What if you were to be doing those things every day of the year?  What if every day you were to make a resolution to do something that you felt good about that day, set a goal, decided that this day was going to be different and made life a merry occasion?  What would happen?
   I'm of the mind that your life would probably be a lot better.  I go back to the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying where he says that we should be mindful each day that we are dying, because then we would make different choices.  Would I choose to be miserable if I was going to die today?  Would I choose to be impatient, intolerant, unkind?  Or would I choose to honor and respect all those I encountered, no matter how they chose to treat me?
   I believe, that if we are angry people, we will attract angry people to us, or people that make us angry in order for us to see what we need to deal with in ourselves.  It's why I tell people that I work with, to be mindful of what shows up in their life.  It is a gauge of where you are on your path. When you feel kindness in your heart, people show up that need someone to be kind to them, or will show you kindness in return.
   I'm reading a book that my son gave me for Christmas called Breakfast at Sally's.  Sally's is the name of the Salvation Army kitchen that feeds the homeless.  It is about a man that had everything and lost everything and became homeless, living in his van in Bremerton WA.  So many people have taken a callous look at the homeless, and it is a great read about the people that he encounters on the street.  They are people that may have made bad choices in life, or find life so difficult to deal with that they have become addicted to drugs and alcohol so as not to have to face it.  He allows you to see some of the things that these people go through and it also allows you to see some of your own attitudes about these people.  And it gives us an opportunity to treat them with dignity and respect when we encounter them.  
   I try to live my life so that if I were to die tomorrow, and do a life review, I won't regret what I didn't do or be unhappy that I spent too much time in a bad relationship, or a boring job.  I encourage you as the year comes to a close to review where you are and to make the changes that you want to make.  There are always ways around what seem to be insurmountable problems.  It's just a matter of facing the fear of change and shifting into who you really are in this life.
   Be blessed and have an amazing new year!!!!!!

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