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What are you seeking?

   I've been listening to a great course by Carolyn Myss lately.  She is such  powerful speaker and one that makes me really stop and think about some of the things she says.  In part of the course, she gave an assignment to ask yourself, "What are you seeking?"
   Imagine yourself in the presence of God, source, the divine, your higher power, whatever you resonate with and you have that one question to be answered. What are you seeking?  And many people will say love, happiness, bliss, peace.  Often times in my work people will tell me that same thing.  And I have to ask, "What does that look like to you?"  "How will you know when you have it?"  These are important to know.
   So often we just want to be happy or loved, but we never stop to ask ourselves what that means to us.  People are often stumped when I ask them how they will know when they've got it.  Because they don't stop to think about it.  They will say that they will "just feel" when they are there. What will that feel like?  Is it a tingling sensation, is it relaxation, what is it?  It is often difficult for people to articulate, because they aren't used to it.  They know something is missing in life, but don't really know what it would feel like to have it.
   Many people are out of balance when it comes to understanding what they are really wanting in life.  When people tell me they want money, I ask them what that will give them.  Money in itself is nothing, but what money can give to a person is something.  It can give them security, it can allow them to have fun, it can make them feel good when they give it to others, make them feel accepted, important, any number of things.  We all have our reasons, but money isn't what you want.  It's what money will give to you.
   Stop and ask yourself......."What am I seeking?"  Spend some time thinking about it, trying to really understand what it is that you want from life and why you want it, what having it will give to you.  There is a reason that the cliche "Be careful what you wish for, it might come true" came about.  How often do we get what we ask for only to find it doesn't make us happy?  Maybe because we didn't really know why we wanted it in the first place, or found out that it wasn't what we were really seeking.  The universe is always willing to give us what we want, let's make sure we really know why we want it..............

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