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What's your pleasure?

   Yes, that's right, what is it in life that you find pleasure in?  One of the questions I ask when I am doing a face reading is, "what lights you up?  What do you do that is silly and just fun, that brings you joy?"  And often times, people are not able to tell me.  That is because their life has become out of balance.  
   We work so hard on a daily basis and yet we forget to take time for ourselves.  We have a million excuses why we can't do something fun, and yet are they really valid?  What would happen if we decided to do something that was fun every day? It doesn't have to be something big like taking a vacation, it can be just calling a friend and having a good laugh together.  Or taking time out to really play with your kids and enjoy their giggles and try to put yourself in their place.  Go back to that time when life was so amusing and everything was new.
   So often, we let the daily pressures rob us of our ability to really just enjoy life.  When one element in our life gets out of balance, it soon causes the others to get out of balance as well.  We have to keep the flow going in order to maintain our health and desire to enjoy life.
   Yes, many have had some very difficult lives.  In some way, we've all got our horror stories, but that's in the past.  Why do we feel we need to hang onto it like a "badge of honor".  I heard someone recently describe their issues as that and that was the reason they drug them around with them.  
   For me, honoring life is about letting go, moving forward, embracing our past as a learning experience that allows us to live more fully in the moment.  If the past is unpleasant, find out why you want to hang onto it.  There are many reasons that people do and this is a great part of NLP and hypnotherapy.  It helps people find out the why and then gives them the tools to let it go.  What a relief not to have to carry that weight around with you continually.
   So think about it.  What's your pleasure?  Incorporate it into your daily living. I always try to live my life as if I were going to die tomorrow.  And the possibility of that happening is very real.  So I don't want to die, do a life review and be going, "Wow, that sucks.  I could have been having fun instead of worrying about things all the time."  I don't think we came to the physical form to have to suffer.  And those that I work with that are suffering have never asked me to give them back the problems once they have moved past them!!!  There must be a reason for that.
   Until next time, ENJOY!!!!!  Take the time to do something wonderful for yourself that makes you smile............

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