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The power of our words

   Words seem to be a theme for me and I am always running into something that is letting me know how powerful our words are.  My last post talked about the words I have been given from my guides and this post is about words and how we use them.
   I recently listened to an interview with J. Mitchell Perry and Doreen Virtue.  Both talked about words and how powerful they are.  A few years ago I read Words Are Your Wand by Florence Schovel Shinn who was a metaphysical teacher back in the 1920's.  I was amazed then and continue to be amazed at just how much influence words have for us.  They are the only thing that we have to express our deepest aspects of ourselves and yet we use them indiscriminately to wound others, to manipulate, to coerce on one hand and to show love, gratitude and affection on another hand.
   Doreen Virtue has a book called Angel Words that shows the vibration level of negative words and positive words and it is not surprising that they would vibrate at different levels.  I love you brings a much different feeling than I hate you when directed outward from us to others or from others to us.
   J. Mitchell Perry has a book called The Road to Optimism in which he shows how changing what we say can change how we feel.  It's a great read and one that the Mystery Circle (a group of women that meet once a month for spiritual advancement) discussed last meeting.  We laughed at how often we use phrases that are exclusive (meaning stating what something isn't) rather than inclusive (stating what something is).  An example is when someone asks, "How are you?" and the answer is "Not bad".  You are stating what you are not as opposed to stating what you are. When people ask me how I'm doing, I always answer "fabulous" and I get a lot of varied responses from people when I say that.  I feel fabulous, why not say so?  One of the girls from the mystery circle realized that she said "you never know" a lot.  She has now changed it to "life is full of surprises".  How much more fun and  uplifting to say it differently.
   One of the first things we do in NLP is to get what is called a well formed outcome.  That outcome is what the client wants and it is ALWAYS stated in the positive.  Who wants to work on something that sounds negative? How many places are you using never and not, don't, can't?  They are in so many cliches, that it's hard to avoid them.  What are some of them that you say?  I am always saying "I've never thought of it that way".  Now I will try saying, "Wow, that's a fresh way of looking at it."  If I say I've never thought of it that way, there is a subtle implication that I may not be smart enough to think of it, or I'm not very aware.  Yet, saying that it's a fresh way to look at it has an excitement of seeing something for the first time.
   How many ways are you speaking in exclusions?  I challenge you to spend a day listening to yourself and others speak and see how often it comes up in simple ways like "you never know" as stated above, or "it's never too late", how about "there's always time".  Have fun with taking on a positive mode of speaking!!!!!!................

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