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   For the last few years, my guides have given me words in order to really learn the meaning of them.  I just hear the word and then seem to be given the opportunities to learn the full meaning of them.  I take it that when they think I have a pretty good grasp on the word they give me a new one. 
   I just received a new one today.  I will tell you that I must be a bit of a slow learner, because this is only the 4th word I've gotten in about a 5 year span.  I am still given the opportunities to understand and practice the others, but I can see how they build on each other.
   The first word I heard was "patience".  I am not by nature a patient person, but I have come to learn that it is about patience with where people are on their path in life.  It is about knowing that everything is about timing and everyone runs on their own timing.  It is about being patient with others and even more important, being patient with myself in my learning process.
   The second word I heard was "judgement".  I've learned that because we are all on our own path, there is no need to judge anyone as being or doing what WE think is right or wrong.  I learned that most all of my judgements were made based on ideas that I learned from someone else.  We are taught what is right and wrong, beautiful, ugly, acceptable, not acceptable, lovable and not lovable by other people.  I believe that we come to this life with the innate wisdom of knowing that everything is as it should be and that we don't have the right to judge others by our own standards, but we also learn from the time that we can speak what is expected of us and so we expect the same from others.  We learn to criticize in order to make ourselves feel better, or to be accepted by others.  We learn to deny ourselves our true nature.  So I've learned not to judge others.  Yes, I do sometimes find myself doing so and know that this is not something that is easily undone but something that I work on when it comes up.
   The third word was "allow".  This is a word of so many meanings and I am constantly being shown those meanings.  It is about allowing life to be how it is meant to be, allowing others to be who they are, allowing myself to be who I am, allowing myself to love who I am and love others for who they are.  It is about allowing my lessons to come to me without fighting them and allowing myself to make mistakes, knowing that this is part of why we are here.  We cannot learn if we don't make mistakes.  They are just opportunities to try something out and see if we resonate with it.  If we don't, then we work at not doing it again, or finding another way to approach the problem.
   And the fourth word I got today was "kindness".  It is the kindness of spirit.  It is being kind to ourselves and in doing so we are able to extend that to others.  I see how all the words fit together.  Learning to be patient with myself allows me to be patient with others.  It makes room for me not to make judgements about others as I learn not to judge myself based on what someone else taught me, but to judge myself based on who I want to be and who I know I am.  It allows me to accept myself and in doing so, accept others in all their uniqueness.  And now it is about showing myself kindness and in doing so being able to show kindness to others in a different way.  We are all connected and in doing for ourselves, we do for others.  I love the thought of being kind to myself.  We are so often unkind to ourselves and why is that?  Why is it that we can think more of others than we think of ourselves?  This is sad to me.  We can see so much of others while we try not to look at ourselves.
    The past few years have been an amazing journey for me to get to know myself and to be to myself what I am to others.  I've learned to be patient with myself, not to judge myself, to allow me to be me and to allow life to flow through me and now I will learn to be truly kind to myself.  Those people that we admire are those that love who they are and in doing so can love others with compassion.
   So stop and think about how much of who you are is based on who others expect you to be.  How much of you is really you?  Do you feel fear if you think about changing?  Do you feel that others won't like you if you do?  If you do, then you are not being your authentic self, and you will always feel something missing and look for it externally.
   I think that is why I got into and love doing the work that I do.  It gives me the opportunity to give other people the tools to learn to love themselves and in doing so to be able to experience the world through the eyes of joy and beauty.  It's a life long journey and one that can be difficult at times, but those difficulties are just a way of being able to learn from them in order to find more joy. I consider them gifts.  
    Are you ready to let go of your old beliefs and find new ones that are more empowering?  If not, ask yourself what you are getting from hanging onto those old beliefs.  I know from the work that I do, that those negative beliefs are actually wanting something positive for you.  They have just found a negative way of giving it to you.  So start to examine your thoughts and ask yourself what really belongs to you.  And maybe you can find kindness for yourself as well.  Embrace all that you are.  Change what doesn't belong to you, keep what does..............

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