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Always be impeccable with your word

   In keeping with the four agreements, today I'm talking about the first one which is Always Be Impeccable With Your Word.  At first that seems like it isn't all that difficult, but as you start to pay attention to what you say to others and to yourself, you may find that it isn't as easy as it seems.
   Florence Schovel Shinn wrote a book called Words are Your Wand and in it she talks about how powerful words are.  We can use them for so many things.  We communicate love, hate, desire, joy, and all that we are through the use of words.  Imagine what a powerful impact they have on others as well as on ourselves.
   In listening to an interview with Rikka Zimmerman, she talks about how when we make a statement if it feels heavy to us then it is not the truth, where if it feels light to us, than it is the truth.  So if you ask yourself, "Am I good enough?", does it make you feel heavy or light?  If it makes you feel heavy, then track your thoughts back to where you got the idea that you are not good enough.  There are usually a whole host of people in the past that contributed to you making that judgment about yourself.  It is a great way to be able to tell what comes from you and what comes from others.
   I believe that we are all beautiful beings here to complete our lessons in life.  We have allowed others to bring our spirits down by accepting what they have told us about ourselves, so that we start to tell ourselves the same things.  Why is it that we tend to accept the negative so easily and not the positive?  I remember once when my children were young, telling one of them how well he had done and his response was, "You have to say that, you're my mom".  I smiled about it and felt sad that he was not able to just accept the compliment and believe it in his heart at such a young age.  Yes, your mom is generally a rah rah squad, but they do it because it's true and they love you and want the best for you.  And yet people are so reluctant to accept the compliments that they are given.  It makes them almost uncomfortable to hear it.
   Try saying something complimentary to someone and they will most often have a reason for it or will downplay what you have said.  I used to do that, until I realized what a gift it was for people to be able to express how they feel and a gift to be on the receiving end of the compliment.  I learned to be able to say "thank you, that's nice of you to notice" and not have to explain it.
   Being impeccable with your word means that you don't gossip, you don't call people names and you don't say mean things to others or to yourself.  Try going through the day and seeing how many times you call someone an idiot, or talk about someone being stupid or weird or controlling or whatever.  You may be surprised how often you pass judgment and how often you actually voice that negative statement.  The next day, try finding the positive in everything around you and ask "How could it be even better".  Try complimenting people, try keeping negative thoughts to yourself, try walking away from the gossip pool, or if you really want to live life dangerously, try standing there and saying "I feel bad that we are talking negatively about other people that are just trying to get through life the best they can with the skills they have."  Believe me, people will either agree with you or they will make some smart comment about you being a goody two shoes or something of that nature, because another part of what words do is create a connection to others.
   What kind of connection are you creating with other people when you are not impeccable with your word.  We all know those people that never say anything bad about others and we all love those people.  Why not become one of those people yourself?................

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