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Limiting Beliefs

   What are limiting beliefs?  They are beliefs that we have that limit our fullest potential.  They are the "I can't, I'm not smart enough", "I don't have enough money", "I don't know how to do that".  We all have them and they operate a good part of the time without us even being aware of them.
   One of the things that I work with in coaching and in hypnotherapy is those limiting beliefs.  Timeline regression work is a good way of going back to the first time that a person encountered a situation that made them form that belief about themselves and being able to reimprint it so that they can take that new belief back through the past and into the present day so that they now have a different belief about what they are capable of.  It is always interesting to me to hear the circumstances that occurred at a young age that formed the belief that we carried into adulthood.  We don't have the emotional maturity as a child to truly understand what is being said, but through our limited understanding, we form an opinion and the brain then looks for circumstances to confirm the belief.
   One of the things I find interesting when working with people is how often they are unaware of where their beliefs come from.  I was talking to my middle son the other day about when we judge people.  We were using the example of someone at work that seemed "lazy" and not working as hard as he was.  I explained to him, that whenever we judge others, it is a chance for us to examine our beliefs.  If he thought the co-worker was lazy, what criteria did he have for someone to be deemed as lazy?  Usually it comes from a standard that we have set for ourselves, and if the other person doesn't live up to that standard, then we construe that as being lazy.  I pointed out that when in school, if a person works as hard as they can and only gets a C and another person gets an A, then does that make the person who got a C lazy?  
   No, it means that we all perceive things differently.  The person that got the C but did their best can be proud of the job they have done.  To get an A is a standard set by someone else and if we don't live up to it, then we don't get the A.  It's all a matter of perception.  So when he thinks that the co-worker is lazy, then it is only information to him that says he has a standard and the co worker doesn't meet it.  
   And that is when we pass judgment on another person.  I asked him to then go back in his mind and find out where he learned his set of work standards.  Did he just magically have them one day, or did they come from me, his father, his former bosses?  So much of what we hold as standards didn't come from us in the first place.  They were standards that we had to live up to and we now expect others to live up to those standards.  But others were given different standards, so why would we expect them to live up to ours?
   So next time you "judge" someone, understand that it isn't right or wrong, it is only giving you information about yourself and then follow that back to where it originated and let go of the need to judge others........

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