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What is truth?

     What is truth?  There are many people who think they know "the truth", but the reality is that we only know our own truth and that is most often something that we were taught growing up.  Because we are not all playing by the same rules, we have to understand what is true for those that we encounter.  We are not here to judge others and when we do, we lose the opportunity to get to know someone for who they are.
     Most often we don't even know who we are.  We are a product of what we have been told that we are.  If you do the exercise of quieting your mind and then asking yourself "what/who am I?", you will find yourself being answered.  But when you hear the answer, who's voice is it telling you?  Is it the voice of a parent, a sibling, a teacher, a spouse, who?  Most of who we think we are is based on being told what we are not.  And as children, we didn't have the emotional maturity to be able to sort it out.
     Everyone perceives life differently.  And they perceive us through their own filters.  They have criteria for what they think a "kind" person is.  Is it the same criteria that you have?  We all assume that we are speaking the same language, but we aren't.  What I consider a kind person may be very different from what you consider a kind person.  So unless I know what your criteria is, I don't know if I fit that or not.  If you tell me that I am unkind, I don't really know what you're saying unless I ask what your definition of unkind is.  And why take it personally?  You are only telling me what your perception of me is.  Only I know in my heart if it is my truth or not.
     The reality is that we are the only ones that really know who we are, but we have often lost that knowledge because it has been clouded by the judgment of others.  Deep down, we know who we truly are, but don't allow that side to come out for fear of rejection.  We are taught what is acceptable and not acceptable and what we have to do in order to be loved, from the time that we can understand language.  So we spend our lives trying to live up to someone else's or society's expectations of who we should be in order to be loved and accepted.  So much energy is spent in being who we aren't and often times we rebel and don't know why.
     It is a beautiful thing to start to question who you are and see what is truly you and what has been instilled in you from others.  Life is much more joyous when we are living in our integrity and being honest with ourselves and others.  Allow yourself to be who you truly are and see how things shift in your life...................

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