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Stacy Calvert    My name is Stacy Calvert.  I've been a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Coach (master certification), and certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner since 2009.    
     In 2011 I added Chinese face reading to my services.  I've mentored under Jean Haner, one of the leading people in this field.  I also learned space clearing from Jean and added that to my services.
    January of 2012 I became a co-founder and presenter for Northwest Mediumship Meetup group, a group that met once a month to develop people's mediumship abilities.   In 2012 I also became a member of the Washington State Ghost Society and serve as a medium on paranormal investigations.     
    In 2015 I added animal communication to the things that I do.  I love reading animals and find they often have very healing messages.


“I was new to Matrix and had a few questions and assumptions of what might occur.  Within minutes Stacy eliminated any concerns, she created such a safe place which allowed me to truly relax and experience it all.  It was pure joy!  Stacy works effortlessly and naturally with her focus on your well being.  My experience with Stacy was so positive and powerful.  She is truly gifted.   I have had wonderful, powerful and life changing hypnotherapy sessions with Stacy.  She has a gift in bringing out exactly what I needed at that time to experience positive change.  It has been personally rewarding, motivating to have the confidence to accomplish my goals.  Stacy you are incredible- Thank you!”.Jennifer B      

“Stacy has the gift of seeing your situation through a much higher awareness - she helped me to realize that we all have our own "book of rules" and not to take things so personally!  Her energy work is amazing - the space she holds you in is one of compassion and understanding.  I highly recommend experiencing her unique gifts!”…..Susan F    

“Stacy is an experienced practitioner in Matrix Energetics, NLP and face reading.  She uses her innate abilities and intuition to facilitate healing through these modalities.  I have seen her achieve amazing results and would recommend her to help you achieve your healing and personal goals. I've had several sessions with Stacy over the past 2 years. Stacy has predicted things happening for me that I never dreamed would happen so quickly when she mentioned them to me - yet they all seemed to come true and all very close to the time frame predictions she has made. It doesn’t have to be difficult; try a few sessions, I am sure you will see amazing results!”!....Barbara M 

"I have noticed dramatic changes in my life and in my habits. I am now enjoying a healthier life, saving a ton of money and I no longer feel the emotional and mental anguish that came with my choices and traits in the past. I would definitely recommend divine light healing to anyone as a low cost, effective treatment plan with great results."….Bishara F

"Stacy Calvert is an empathetic, wonderful life coach and hypnotherapist. She has the wonderful ability to use her knowing intuition to get to the heart of the issue in a non judgmental manner that is well thought out and intuitive. She uses a magical blend of Eastern philosophy and modern day science and energy healing to integrate a holistic approach to healing. Matrix with Stacy is a subtle shift in energy that builds as time passes in a release of behaviors and attitudes that have hindered the first half of my life. My experience with Stacy has truly been life altering and she has shown me how to be free to live my life as I was meant to, whole, happy and successful.".. Kathleen D

"Stacy provides a peaceful, safe and joyful environment for amazing energy transformations to occur.   She’s helped me learn that it’s truly possible to choose an entirely different way to create what I want in my life…and easily get rid of what I don’t want.   I’ve had long-term physical and emotional situations vanish!  Stacy is focused, lighthearted and caring.   She’s always intent on the most beneficial outcome possible for her client’s highest good.    She combines her wide variety of certified training along with her special gifts and talents to create results that amaze and delight.    Experiencing Stacy’s healing work has taken me to a new and magical place where all things are possible.   I’ll never look back!.......Jan S

"I dislocated my right shoulder last month. Since then I have had pain and limited movement in my right arm. The doctor said that this type of injury took a long time to heal and prescibed a sling and pain meds.   Being right handed it was hard to function. As I was familiar with energy work I sought out alternatives...  massage, Reiki and Matrix. Meeting with Stacy on Saturday, her gentle conversational style calmed me as she worked  on my shoulder joint and muscles. I could feel the energy shifting and a warm tingling down my arm. I later noticed that my neck and my body were more relaxed.Thank you, Stacy for helping my body heal itself"......Vicki R

I had the good fortune to work with Stacy Calvert as a colleague and practioner of hypnosis and NLP.  I have the utmost respect for her expertise, passion and commitment to excellence in working with clients.  She draws on a wide variety of skills and life experiences to help her clients successfully release limiting beliefs and behaviors.  I wholeheartedly recommend her....... P.EVessey, PCC, CHt Integrity Coaching & Training Systems.

Stacy, thank you so much for the wonderful mini-read last night. It pertained to a future event, but feels highly accurate to me and included some great caveats.  Loved the insights about a 'water' person vs. a 'wood' person in a romance together.  The Chinese face reading you did for me at a fair last year was also wonderful, as was the group hypnotherapy event at a Mediumship Meetup.  You're doing a great job! Very dialed in. Many thanks......Gwendolyn R

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