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     I started Divine Light Healing in 2009.  I was doing hypnotherapy, NLP and matrix energetics and I added services as I went along.  Now, I'm focusing mainly on animal communication, Chinese face reading, and space clearings.  These are the areas that I am really excited about, so I decided to make those the things that I do the most of.

     ANIMAL COMMUNICATION  - It's amazing what we can learn from animals in nature or in our home.  I've communicated with all types of animals from dogs, cats, horses, kangaroos, goats, cows, chickens to fish, lizards, snakes and alligators.  Animals are so matter of fact and don't judge what is happening, they just accept it and live in the moment.  They are always a joy to connect with and learning what your animal needs makes your relationship to them even more enjoyable.
     CHINESE FACE READING -  This can be a very powerful experience to understand via your face and birthdate, who you came here to be.  When you have a reading, it helps you to understand why you do what you do, what your strengths and challenges are likely to be.  Knowing what energetic year you are in can allow you to accept what is in store for you in the way of challenges and joys.
     SPACE CLEARINGS - Energy and emotions are given off by those in the house and the surrounding neighborhood.  It can get stuck in a house and the occupants can feel the effects of that.  That's when a good house clearing can shift the energy into a more positive and light state.  I clear the space as well as the people living in the space so that it starts out fresh. 


Find your joy in life......

I can be found at:

stacy@dvinelight. com
206 940-9877

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