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Living In Joy

   I am constantly amazed by those people who choose not to live a joyous life.  Yes, it really is a choice.  We like to place blame on all the external factors of our life rather than taking responsibility for the fact that we do indeed make all the choices in our lives.
   All choices have a consequence to them that can be short term and long term.  And we have to weigh our choices and decide what is going to work best for us.  Many times people that I work with feel guilty or bad about the choices that they make.  I tell them that the brain will always make the best choice possible at the time.  Yes, we can look back at it later and see the folly of it, but at the time, we choose what is the best.  Often times it is choosing the lesser of two evils, but we will indeed choose the lesser which is the best choice at that time.
   So why don't people simply choose to live in joy?  We can decide that we will see what is right in our life and live that way or we can decide to only see what isn't right and live that way.  Part of the joy in what I do is being able to help people to see a different way and that is always exciting for me to see the light bulb go off as they make the decision to choose a more resourceful state.
   Often times, misery is what defines people.  If I took that away, they wouldn't know how to function.  This is a sad state for me to see, but when they see it and can make the choice to choose something more productive, it is an awesome moment to be a part of.
   Life is an amazing thing to take part in.  What prevents you from actually taking part in it?  Is it some old wound that you are carrying from the past?  Is it a victim mentality that feels that everyone is against you?  If you could make a change for the better, would you?  What holds you back from being happy?  I've found the only thing that holds us back is ourselves and the choices that we make.
   I invite you to choose to be joyous in this moment.  Then choose to be joyous in the moment after that and the next and the next.  Look at life through the filter of joy and see what that looks like..........

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