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Fear and becoming fearless

   Fear, we all know it, we've all felt it and we've all instilled it in someone else at some point in time.  Have you ever stopped to ask where that fear comes from and what purpose it serves?  I work with it frequently with clients when going back to find the source of a fear of phobia and it always has a source.  Yet so often, we just accept it without questioning where it came from.  Sometimes, it isn't even our fear. We may have picked it up from a parent, sibling, friend, anyone around us.
   When the body experiences fear, it floods itself with chemicals that are meant for the fight or flight of the situation.  It is meant to be a short term rush of adrenaline that will help us fight the thing causing the fear, or flee from it.  But nowadays, we fear things that are not in front of us.  We have fears around money, around employment, around not feeling good enough and that others will see that about us.  So many things to occupy our minds with.
   Try sitting with one of your fears and tracing it back to the root cause of it.  We have to be taught what to fear in general.  It is why babies are so curious and want to explore the world around them.  They don't know that the stove or fireplace is hot, so they will place their hand on it.  When we make that sudden movement to stop them, or shout at them, they learn that something is not right and they begin to experience the sensations of fears.
   I remember being in the 6th grade and living in a small town on the coastline of Washington State.  My older sister and I had walked to the movie theater to see Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds".  It was such a scary movie at the time and we were walking home in the dark when a seagull flew overhead and started screeching.  I didn't think anything of it as that we heard them all the time, we lived above the beach.  But when the seagull screamed and my sister took off running, I got scared and ran after her.  I wasn't afraid, until she became afraid.  How many other times does this happen to us and we take on someone else's fear?
   To me, fear is meant to show us something.  Even the internal fears that we have are meant to guide us to a better self.  It is just a signpost to us that we need to make a change.  How many times have we been so afraid to do something and then once we did it found out it was no big deal?  And yet we give our fears so much power and make them this horrible thing in our lives.  But are they really?
   I say no.  They are a way for us to monitor the world around us and to make choices as to how we want to deal with that world.  So get in touch with your fears and make a friend of them in order to work through them and find that you really do have control of your fears, not the other way around.  We learn to be "fear less" meaning that we fear less when we take the time to dismantle our fears.  So try becoming less fearful by examining their source........

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