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hypnotherapyWhat to expect in a Hypnotherapy session

Being hypnotized does not mean that someone is going to make you do something that you don't want to do.  It is a state of deep relaxation where the conscious mind is able to let go and the unconscious and higher conscious minds can be accessed and given suggestions to improve patterned behavior.  The truth is that hypnosis is a more focused state of mind where the mind is able to let go of external distractions and concentrate more fully in the present moment.  Our unconscious mind runs 80% of what we do, so why not tap directly into it to make changes.
      We will discuss what the outcome you desire is prior to the session and then I will script the suggestions that will be most useful to you.  The verbiage is important as that you want the unconscious mind to be congruent with the suggestions, facilitating  change more easily.

neuro linguistics
What to expect in a NLP      session

    Neuro Linguistic Programming is not a new concept and has been around for decades.  It is always being improved upon and new methods developed to make it even more effective.
    NLP uses self image and attitude towards illness to effect change and to promote healing.  It works towards giving you tools to put you in a more resourceful state to achieve your desired outcomes.  It does not deal with only health issues, but encompasses whatever you want to change for the positive in your life.  It could be family issues, relationships, career or numerous other things.
      I will go through a questionnaire with you to determine what will work best for you, and then employ which technique will be most beneficial. I might also incorporate hypnotherapy with it during the session if it appears that it might be useful.
    The goal is to have a well formed outcome of what it is you are seeking to change or to achieve and from there to find resources that will allow you to reach that goal and to maintain it by changing the behavior that prevents you from getting there.

Matrix Energetics

What to expect in a Matrix  session

     Matrix Energetics is a powerful consciousness technology that provides for transformation at the physical, mental,  emotional and spiritual level.  Before the session starts I like to focus myself and ask a few questions about what we will work on that day.  In-person sessions are generally done with the client and me standing.  You may feel your energy shifting and may find yourself feeling like you need to sit down, which is perfectly fine to do.   Depending on the individual’s sensitivity to energy, the shift can be dramatic or subtle as it releases itself out of old patterns.   
     Every session is different.  I believe that physical symptoms are a manifestation of emotional patterns and working with the energy in the matrix field allows for the release of the emotional patterns that can help facilitate the healing of the physical.  Emotional issues are often dealt with on the unconscious level during a session as well.   Often there is a feeling of lightheadedness, expansion, relaxation, physical sensations of tingling, hot or cold.  Each person processes differently and there is no right or wrong to what you are feeling.  The experience may defy words and just be felt as an intuitive knowing that something has shifted.   Shifts can happen in a moment and supporting the new behaviors may take some support.  Depending on how you have encoded the information, you may find that the condition has cleared with one appointment, or you may find that you want to allow the shifts to continue to happen and then do a follow up session.  You will know what is right for you.    I will want to hear back from you in a few days, so will send an email  to ask what new information you are experiencing, always noticing what is different.
     I also do Skype sessions which work somewhat the same as an in person session.

What to expect from a Face Reading

     Most people have never heard of Chinese face reading.  It is actually an ancient branch of Chinese medicine which is thousands of years old.  The Chinese noticed patterns in life.  They noticed the patterns of the seasons, the moons, the days and learned to notice the patterns of illness and how the body behaved.  They noticed that the features of the face corresponded with areas of the body and learned to be able to diagnose illnesses by reading the features of the face.  As they continued to notice the facial features, they found that they correlated to personality traits, so the early face readers were like modern  day therapists that people would go to for guidance and counsel in their career, love life, anything that had to do with them personally.  
     Our face gives us two major categories of information.  It tells us who we really are and what we need to make us happy in life, but it also reflects the story of our life experiences, our journey through life, a map of where we are going and where we have been.
     Your birthdate also gives important information about who you showed up to be, where you will go under stress and pressure, along with how you do your work and the karmic challenges you face that help you to move more fully into your authentic self.  I will tell you what your birthdate says about you along with what the current year holds for you and what the next year is likely to look like.  Please feel free to record it or take notes so that you can get more from it later.

What to expect from a Space Clearing

Energy can get stuck.  It can get stuck in your body and in your surroundings.  Have you ever walked into a place and felt that it was heavy or that something was off about it?  That's the energy and emotions of those that have occupied the space.  If they are negative or heavy, the place will take on that energy and others will feel the effects of it.  Even pets can be effected by it. Clearing that energy will put love, light and harmony back into the space so that you can feel the effects of that energy.  I also like to do some energy work for those that are living in the space (including pets) as that they contribute to the general atmosphere of that space with their emotions as well, and helping to harmonize them keeps the space in balance.  Travel fees may apply if having to travel more than 15 minutes.  Please see policy when booking the appointment or email me.

What to expect from an Animal Reading

Animals can communicate with each other and with you telepathically.  We can tap into their consciousness and find out what is bothering them, why they are acting as they are, if they are not feeling well, and even if they like the name they were given.  Having a reading helps you to understand your animal and to forge a stronger bond with them when you know what it is that they would like to tell you or ask of you.  They may need some energy work done on them to re-balance them if they have been in a chaotic environment before you rescued them, or perhaps they don't want to be with other animals or around children.  If you ask them, they will tell you what you need to know.  For readings, you will need to contact me directly at stacy@dvinelight.com as they are not part of my online schedule.  I can do them via email, skype or phone.  I just need a few pictures, name and age of the animal.

guided meditation
What to expect from Guided Meditation

     The Thursday night sessions (6:30-7:15 p.m.) are designed to help you deal with stress.  I will take you through a mental exercise of guided imagery designed to relax the body, allowing it to release the tension that results from stress.  Each meditation is different and you will get something different out of each one.  It is done in my office and so it is a small and personal gathering allowing you to just let go and enjoy the experience.  It is a wonderful way to experience the trance state with no fears and get you a better understanding of what hypnosis is like if you are unsure about it.

Smoking Cessation  

     Prior to the first session, I will send you a smoking diary.  I ask that you complete the diary for as many days as you can and bring it with you. 
     As a general outline, the first session is information gathering and making the commitment to stop smoking by the third session.  I will use some neuro linguistic (NLP) tools to start you on your way to being smoke free.  Understanding the motivation for smoking is a big part of the process of giving it up.  If you don’t understand what you are gaining from it, you will have the tendency to go back to it later.             The second session uses NLP and hypnosis to set the suggestions that will allow you to stop smoking.                  
     The third session will reinforce the prior suggestions.  This is the session where you have committed to quit.  You may have already quit by this session, if so, the suggestions will allow you to continue to be smoke free.  
     The fourth session will use NLP and/or hypnosis to solidify all of the modalities of the first three sessions.    

Weight Loss    
   Prior to the first session, I will send you a food diary. I ask that you complete the diary for as many days as you can and bring it with you. 
   As a general outline, the first session is information gathering and setting a well formed outcome so that you are clear as to what your goals are.  We will discuss the reasons for your eating habits and work at re-establishing how you view food and the eating process.   I will then use hypnosis to see the effects of the pattern.         
     The second session uses hypnosis to make the suggestions for healthier eating and exercise, depending on what you want that to look like.    I may use neuro linguistics (NLP) as well if it seems appropriate.                  
     The third session will reinforce the prior suggestions and can be modified depending on the results of the second session.                  
     The fourth session will use NLP and/or hypnosis to solidify all of the suggestions and learning from the prior sessions. 


I do Skype sessions as well. If you don't live in the area you can still experience the benefits of hypnosis, coaching or Matrix via Skype.  These are just as effective as being in the office and can be done during the same office hours. I can sometimes adjust the times to accommodate a tricky schedule.  It's easy and convenient to set up.

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