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WelcomeDivine Light Healing is here to help you experience transformation through the use of  HYPNOTHERAPY, NEURO LINGUISTICS (NLP) AND MATRIX ENERGETICS.  Each of these modalities are designed to work separately or together in order to help you make the changes you have always wanted to but seem unable to move forward towards accomplishing.  
    To understand what each of these modalities entails, go to the"about the sessions" page located on the left.  Each modality can be used as a stand alone, or in conjunction with one another.  Since each person is different, each session is designed for you personally to encompass the changes that you want to make.
      Hypnosis and nlp can be used for many different areas of your life.  It is not limited to any one thing.  It can be used to improve your golf game, or any other sport, to relax, to help your body heal, anxiety and much more.  There are no limits to its uses.
      I believe in giving you tools to take home with you so that you can reinforce what we work on.   It is empowering to understand that  you are in control and all you have to do is choose to step into your own power.
        I am happy to announce that I have added CHINESE FACE READING  to my services.  This can be a very powerful experience to understand via your face and birthdate, who you came here to be.  When you have a reading, it helps you to understand why you do what you do, what your strengths and challenges are likely to be.    
      I've been doing HOUSE CLEARINGS for several years, and have added that to my services.  Energy and emotions are given off by those in the house and the surrounding neighborhood.  It can get stuck in a house and the occupants can feel the effects of that.  That's when a good house clearing can shift the energy into a more positive and light state.
       I'm happy to announce that I am branching out and now include ANIMAL COMMUNICATION in my services.  It is amazing what we can learn from animals in nature or in our home.  I don't have it listed in the fees and services as that I schedule the appointments myself rather than through the website, so you will need to email or phone me to set up a reading.
      Let  Divine Light Healing help you make that change.

Some of the most popular services are:

Smoking Cessation
Weight Loss
Fears/Phobias Cure
Stress Reduction 
Pain Management
Building Your Confidence
Skype Sessions
House Clearings
Animal Communication

     Be on the look out for different workshops!!! There will be a limited number of people so that it is a small intimate group with lots of one on one help.   They will be geared towards those people beginning their spiritual path as well as those that are already on theirs.  It will be informational and hands on exercises to help you become aware of your natural abilities and how to use them.  They will be fun and informative.  If you have any questions about them, send me an email and I will be happy to answer them.  See the calendar of events page, on the left of this page, to see what workshops are coming.  Sign up early to ensure that you get in..........



Change your life, one intention at a time......

Divine Light Healing is Located at:

5705 Evergreen Way Ste 101-A
Everett, WA   98203
(206) 940-9877

stacy@dvinelight. com

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